Thursday, August 4, 2011

home lightings

Use lighting to alter the sense of size and shape of your rooms.or you can make a high ceilinged room Lighting up one wall of a narrow room can make it appear wider, atmosphere around the dining table and separate it from the feel more intimate by using lamps that direct the light downward.Use lighting to create distinct areas. Create a cozy effective in open-plan living to create a distinct dining space.surrounding room using a low-hung, down light or chandelier. This can be particularly or in areas where the use changes. dimmer switch and wall lights or lamps.a dramatic focal point in a room.
Bright ambient lighting can Indeed, lighting is a great way to create separation between areas of different use, softer lighting for adult relaxation in the evening using be used in an area where children play during the day and then be replaced by Use accent lighting to highlight decorative features.
Framed artwork can be accented using halogen Plants, alcoves, statues, architectural features, and even fish tanks can be lit creatively to make track lighting or a picture light. Highlight china or collectibles using halogen strip lighting in the china cabinet.